(Inept Leverage Opensource Monstrocity.)
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=== '''Inept Leverage Opensource Monstrocity.''' ===
=== '''Inept Leverage Opensource Monstrosity.''' ===
{| class="article-table"
{| class="article-table"
!use spaces not tabs
!use spaces not tabs

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Inept Leverage Opensource Monstrosity.

use spaces not tabs Donuts are here.

Bye-bye trailing whitespace.

just admit you are wrong and then we can move on

we've always shipped binaries we haven't built just because you did it does not make it the way things are done

No tabs in ILOM code.

that is not the way the kernel developers do it And this is the one area where we lack process/enforcement ... releasing product built from source has no advantage
Isn't [application SYNC of data] up to the driver?

Well, ILOM has "expectations" as to init script numbering.

why does the compiler optimize that out?
TABs in makefiles seem like a really bad idea That's not the Linux-y way of doing things. What is POSIX? UBIFS only works for non-embedded systems
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